Queens Cliff Residence

The perfect home for an active family, this house opens up and bunkers down whenever the time is needed.




Queenscliff, Australia

Project type:



Architect: Tony Freeman / MFA
Interior Design: Tony Freeman / MFA
Builder: Beebo Constructions
Landscape Design: Spirit Level

This friendly home is an introvert and an extrovert; it lovingly embraces the street with its lack of concealment, expansive deck, and welcoming seats that warmly greet neighbours, while also providing cosy drop-down living areas that allow for internal focus and personal space. Playful, private rooms reside amongst the family-friendly gardens, which flawlessly accommodate the active, community-focused family that calls this unique space ‘home’. The mandatory council required garage transforms into a living space that opens to the rear garden, whilst also creating a granny flat for the owners older children.

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