TF Architects

formally Molnar Freeman Architects

Bondi Residence

A beachside pad, full of light and colour creates relaxed, adaptable and fun filled spaces


Bondi Beach, Australia




Architect: Tony Freeman / MFA
Interior Designer: Tony Freeman / MFA
Builder: CHBR

This south facing semi detached house was located on the colder southern half of the pair. The challenge was to create light filled, joyful spaces that could adapt to the different seasons.

A raised roof facing north, with a row of 23 skylights, large voids and  battened walkways allow the sunlight to penetrate throughout the levels. Colour and wall murals were all incorporated to create a fun light filled home.

Bookshelves that rotate and slide allow the living room to be closed off and cosy for winter and open and free flowing in summer. 




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